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Mod. V65

Stair lift platform for curved staircases

Curved platform stair lifts are designed to move people with impaired mobility simply, smoothly and easily between two or more floors in premises where a vertical lift is impractical and where the stairs do not rise in a straight line. V65 stair lift with platform is ideal for paths with curves. The V65 is able to tackle constant or variable gradients, adapting to the incline variation of a landing or flight of stairs. Allow people in wheelchairs to move independently up and down. The V65 is available in three models: Standard, Large, Extra large. The assembly of the V65 does not require any architectural intervention on the existing structure and does not interfere with the interior design style. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor Installation.

Mod. V64

Stair lift platform for straight staircases

Stairway platforms are an ideal option for any building to be made accessible to persons with disabilities. The V64 platform stair lift with straight rail is available in three models: Standard, Large, Extra large.

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