International lift exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey from 23rd to 26th of March

Публикувано на: 02 May 2017

From 23rd to 26th of March, a large construction exhibition-“International lift exhibition in the area of 10,000 square meters /19 halls/ was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Many companies from the Elevator industry also took part in the exhibition. The presentation of LIFTCOM JSC – Bulgaria was with a team of nine people who presented with great pleasure our projects and design in the cabins as well as meetings with clients from Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East, talked with our new component suppliers And, last but not least, the fulfillment of the objectives and tasks of the team. Mr. Vladislav Kiprov, CEO and shareholder, met and discussed new contracts for the elevator facilities and related issues with our large customers from Russia, Dubai, Italy and Romania.